Freedom is about changing your thought process

Freedom is about changing your thought process

The beginning wasn’t simple, it was not clean, and it certainly defied the norm. People fight their entire lives to buy that big, unique property, that has a home on it that they can live in, that makes others jealous. And they put themselves in bondage to do it. In late 2004, we purchased a historic school house built in 1918, and then we gutted it.

The process wasn’t simple, and we didn’t complete it on our own but our design and some of our blood, sweat, and tears resulted in something most people only dream about.

Welcome to Nickerson. This original 1918 red brick schoolhouse became a home in 2005.The stunning results housed us for just under 10 years and saw the birth of two of our children, but through the process of life we began to feel a yearning for something different, and our search brought us to a simpler way of life. This blog is here to talk about the process of freeing ourselves from debt (Bondage) and setting us on the path of Freedom, all in a tiny house that serves as a tool, facilitating our lives.

We would be delighted to see you join us in this journey.


-Katrina Jones

Katrina Jones is a: Wife, Mother, Daughter, Believer, Writer, and the Chief of Strategy for Tiny House Tool- a business that exists for the purpose of helping attain freedom through frugal living, tiny house dwelling, and smart decision making. To Learn more, take the Tiny House Survey Here.

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