“You moved from 3100 Sq. Ft. to 320??????!!!!???? You’re NUTS!”

“You moved from 3100 Sq. Ft. to 320??????!!!!???? You’re NUTS!”

Tiny house ready for the move to our new home.

Transitioning from 3100 square feet to 320, didn’t happen as fast as we thought. We actually moved into a friends house for 3 months, gave birth to our third child, remodeled another house, then moved in – without it being finished – and let our friends move into the house we had remodeled.

Well, the goal wasn’t to be normal anyhow. Locally sourced and slabbed counters complement the slab dinning tables and redwood floor. The loft beams make it feel like a mini-lodge, and the 5 burner stove helps with cooking for the guests who come to dinner.

oh, We have had 12 for dinner in our home, ultimately the joke is that we gave up “Pacing Space” to move into our tiny house.



-Katrina Jones

Katrina Jones is a: Wife, Mother, Daughter, Believer, Writer, and the Chief of Strategy for Tiny House Tool- a business that exists for the purpose of helping attain freedom through frugal living, tiny house dwelling, and smart decision making. To Learn more, take the Tiny House Survey Here.

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